Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nurse Angela Quinn On Why She Is A Nurse Who Vaccinates

In a guest blog post for Parents for Vaccines, Nurse Angela Quinn tells the story of why she switched careers to become a nurse, and how in that process she found Nurses Who Vaccinate. She goes on to write about the need for pro-science nurses to speak up and advocate for vaccines for their parents and themselves.

Nurses Who Vaccinate Member
Angela Quinn, RN 
"The day I joined Nurses Who Vaccinate was the day I knew without a doubt that I was truly meant to be a nurse and that every prior experience in my life had brought me right here to this vital cause. I have never felt more empowered to make a difference in the lives of people as I do right now, and promoting public health through vaccine advocacy is the perfect vehicle for me to drive my passion for nursing. As the number of cases of vaccine preventable diseases continues to increase, the need for vaccine advocacy only further strengthens. Nurses are the largest segment of the health care industry and together, we can truly make the crucial difference between public health outbreaks and public health wellness. "

Originally published on Parents for Vaccines on March 25, 2014


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