Thursday, August 16, 2018

Nurses Who Vaccinate Announces Partnership with Shot@Life

In honor of National Immunization Awareness Month, Nurses Who Vaccinate, a non-profit organization, announced their official partnership with the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign.  This partnership will provide network of nurses and members who are enthusiastic and engaged, and connect them with Shot@life's mission to stand up for children around the world. It will expand the efforts to champion global childhood immunizations through grassroots advocacy and awareness raising activities.

“As a long time supporter of Shot@Life, Nurses Who Vaccinate has worked side by side S@L to raise awareness of the need for children everywhere to receive life-saving vaccinations,” said Melody Butler, BSN, RN, CIC, Executive Director of Nurses Who Vaccinate. “As public health advocates, Nurses Who Vaccinate members encourage patients, colleagues, and communities to learn about, advocate for, and provide access to immunizations.  Becoming an official partner with Shot@Life to build global awareness of the need for childhood immunizations, fits naturally within our mission.”

NWV members meet fellow S@L Champion Jo Frost
Despite great advances, worldwide each year, 1.5 million children still die from vaccine preventable diseases.  Shot@Life and Nurses Who Vaccinate will work together to stand up for childhood and give children everywhere a shot a healthy life. The two organizations believe that no matter where they live, every child deserves a shot at life.

Shot@Life, a campaign of the United Nations Foundation, educates, connects and empowers individuals to champion global vaccines as one of the most effective ways to save the lives of children in developing countries. The campaign rallies the public to advocate and fundraise for global childhood vaccines. Shot@Life believes that by encouraging people to learn about, advocate for, and donate to  vaccines, we can decrease the 1.5 million annual vaccine-preventable childhood deaths and give every child a shot at a healthy life. Go to to learn more.

NWV Members attend Shot@Life's Annual Summit

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